Diving in Africa

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Rocktail Bay Rocktail Bay
South Africa
Reef Diving

With nearly 40 kilometres of unspoilt, pristine coastline, where the waves meet endless stretches of beach, it is possible to walk for hours without meeting another soul or seeing a building.

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SE Africa
Island based diving

Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island, is a nature-lover's paradise on land, but its underwater treasures are only now being explored, yielding up previously unknown species of coral and fish. Madagascar has some outstanding diving and snorkelling locations. The best opportunities are around the islands and islets surrounding Nosy Be.

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SE Africa
Land based diving

Mozambique offers some of theDive sites are uncrowded best diving in southern Africa. and marine life is varied and abundant. The aquamarine waters hold a vast number of tropical and game fish species as well as rare creatures like dugongs, whale sharks and turtles.

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Red Sea
NE Africa - Egypt
Land based diving

Egypt boasts some of the finest diving in the Red Sea. The 1500 km coastline is desolate and covers a vast expanse of the northwestern Red Sea. There are limitless dive sites to choose from including the more remote, pristine locations, which are only served by liveaboards or land based safaris. The exquisite reefs and shipwrecks, the legacy of the maritime trade that flowed through the region for thousands of years, are as steeped in history as they are in beauty.

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E Africa - off Tanzania
Island based diving

The waters of the Azanian sea offer some of the best swimming, diving and snorkeling experiences in the world. The pristine coral reefs and amazing variety of sea life offer some of the best diving or snorkeling experiences any where in the world. Charter boats also leave Stone Town regularly for dive safaris to Pemba.

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